Florian Leonhard Wüstholz

About me

I received my doctorate in Philosophy in 2017 at the University of Fribourg at the Chair of contemporary analytic philosophy. The doctoral thesis "Being Origins" was published in 2018 and discusses first-person thought and self-consciousness. My supervisor was Gianfranco Soldati and I also worked with Johannes Brandl at the University of Salzburg.

Nowadays I have left university life behind me and am working as a freelance journalist for (mostly) Swiss print and online news outlets. My publications can be found here.

This website serves as a kind of archive of the papers and reviews that I published during my years at university. They are listed below. I hope they're helpful or informative to some of you.


1. Published Books
Being Origins. The way we think about ourselves. (2018) (PDF)
2. Peer Reviewed Articles
De Se Beliefs, Self-Ascription, and Primitiveness. (2018) Disputatio 9(46). 401--422.
Self-Consciousness in Animals: Advantages and Problems of a Multipronged Approach. (2015) Kriterion 29. 1–17. (BibTEX)
High emotional reactivity toward an experimenter affects participation, but not performance, in cognitive tests with common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus). (2015) Animal Cognition 18(3). 701–712. With: Michèle Schubiger, André Wunder, Judith Burkart (second author). (BibTEX)
3. Edited Books
Die Anthropologische Wende - Le tournant anthropologique. (2013) Studia Philosophica 72. Edited with: Anita Horn, Astrid Kottmann, Christian Steiner, Sarah Tietz and André Wunder. (BibTEX)
4. Book Chapters
Selbstbewusstsein bei Tieren: begriffliche und methodologische Probleme. (2013) Studia Philosophica 72. 87–101. (BibTEX)
5. Book Reviews
Review: Meret Fehlmann, Margot Michel, Rebecca Niederhauser (Hrsg.): Tierisch! Das Tier und die Wissenschaft. (2016) TIERethik 13. 88–91. (BibTEX)
Review: Arianna Ferrari und Klaus Petrus (Hrsg.): Lexikon der Mensch-Tier-Beziehungen. (2016) TIERethik 12. 129–132. (BibTEX)
Review: Nik Taylor and Richard Twine (Eds.): The Rise of Critical Animal Studies. From the Margins to the Centre. (2014) TIERethik 9. 99-102. (BibTEX)
Review: Nick Cooney: Veganomics. (2014) TIERethik 8. 90–94. (BibTEX)
Review: Emil Franzinelli, Andre Gamerschlag, et al. (Eds.): Tierbefreiung. (2014) TIERethik 8. 94–98. (BibTEX)
Review: Klaus Petrus: Tierrechtsbewegung. (2013) TIERethik 7. 134–137. (BibTEX)
Review: Mark Rowlands: Can Animals Be Moral?. (2013) TIERethik 6. 184–189. (BibTEX)
6. Translations
Robert Garner: Freiheit. (2015) In: Lexikon der Mensch-Tier-Beziehungen (Ed. by Arianna Ferrari & Klaus Petrus). Transcript Verlag. 117–120.
Gary Steiner: Tierrechte und der Fehler des Meliorismus. (2011) Published online. (Original)
7. Masterthesis
Mindreading in Chimpanzees. (2011) Master Dissertation. University of Sheffield. (BibTEX)